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Videos Every Voter Should Watch!



Blank faces look on as City Council gets the facts behind the scenes of their campaign trail.
As they tell you over and over how great they have done, ask them about these simple issues and what they have personally done to help.

As you clearly hear Bill Ebel say, not one single member proposed a change to the staff created budget. You have to question what their purpose on the council is at this point. TIME FOR NEW LEADERSHIP!

See the link below to my post showing incumbent Fred Spears public view of Overland Parks revenue shortage and failing infastrucure we current can't afford to maintain here...
The recipients of the money they gave away will be at the polls so please vote this November!



After hearing the truth about the Overland Park city budget. Paul Lyons tells his public version of the status of the budger. Long term politicians will never change...

A budget in the red, no money for infastrucure, and potential dark store "catastrophic" scenario looms. Yet Paul Lyons want you to know he has it all under control...

It is past time for change, these failed policy ideas can't go another term.




Remind us why Phil Bressler is running against the truly greatest leader in City Council Dr. Farassati.

This is what you get with a hand picked special interest candidate funded to challenge an incumbent who serves the people and not the donors!

This is a perfect example of what happens when a current council member stands for you and breaks from the Good Ol' Boy Club. It threatens the rest of the council.

Phil Bressler explains he is only there to serve those that funded him
Budget is is the red and revenues are in a free fall. Appears that is fine with him....


This is an example of the current mindset of our leaders that experience trumps resident input with the result being just another $98,000 spent without consideration if it's necessary or even desired by the residents.

Is it possible you have been in politics and on the committee that controls the money for too long when from your "experience" 98K to design, not build, just design a playground is a reasonable necessity even before asking for public input? With a budget already in the red is this how we should be spending tax dollars?

Quick Summary - Councilmember Rick Collins motions for approval of $98k design only contract for a 2.2 million dollar restroom and playground park upgrade. As stated in the video, the 98k is before asking residents their opinion on the upgrade. Resident Ralph Beck voices his opinion of other sensible options. Committee quickly chooses "experience" over consideration of resident input.



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