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Vice-Chair of the Overland Park Planning Commission States We Chose to Live Where Response Times are Slow

Politics by city officials against my challenge of the incumbent appear to be in full swing already. In response to our concern about Ward 6 response times the Planning Commission Vice-Chair and Rick Collins endorser Rob Krewson has called a concern for response times "fear politics". He has yet to address whether or not he is speaking for the incumbent while implying this is not a valid concern.  Mr. Krewson expressed concern for directing tax money away from other projects and into basic services like Public Safety.  On a side note, Mr. Krewson is also an employee of an engineering firm that received public tax money via contracts with Overland Park.  One could deduct this as motivation to not support the transfer of funds from projects to Public Safety.  This speaks directly to the need to clean up leadership and potential conflicts of interest in our city government.  As a city who is already outspending revenue we have no room left in the budget for special interest and insider agendas if we want to continue to provide adequate public services.

If you live in the southern portion of Ward 6 and have any insight or opinion on police presence and response time please contact me below with details. I want to hear from all citizens as this is a concern I hear often.  With a high school, middle school, and elementary school within this area of concern it is a top priority of mine to make sure Ward 6 is receiving the same Public Safety services afforded to other areas of the city.  This is absolutely not an issue that special interest individuals and group should be able to affect.  Discussions with residents and school officials have shared this concern and I would like to hear from you!

Please visit the main page to sign up for my news feed where you can receive the latest information on what the city council, committees, and city staff are currently up to. This way we can leave these politics for an election months away off your your social media feeds yet keep you up to date with information such as this.

We are also taking sign ups for yard signs for anyone willing to help out so we are ready to go when they are allowed! It's no secret that unseating an incumbent in an off year election is not easy. Yard signs and resident support is what it will take to beat the city insiders and special interests in line for your tax handouts. Let's return Ward 6 to the residents and address their actual concerns currently written off by the city officials. This case being a perfect example. Please visit my website and offer any feedback or concerns as that is the purpose of my name of the ballot. Also, I am available to listen to anything you have to say at any time of any day thru email, text, website, or phone call. My contacts are below


Scott Hamblin

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