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In a recent interview my opponent answered what he felt the most important issue he would like to see dealt with during his term in office. So here it is, straight from the source. He is coming for your property tax. After millions of giveaways and continuous reckless spending such as the video on my page where he motioned to spend 98k to design, not build, just design a playground that will probably never even be built. To him, the obvious solution wouldn't be to balance spending. Why bother with that when you can just take it straight from the pocket of our residents who did nothing to cause the problem they created. Truly amazing, time for change.

Here are the questions with my opponents answers:

Q. Should you be elected, what is the single most important issue that you would like to see improvement on during your term in office? Please write a few sentences explaining your choice.

A. More funding for infrastructure. The Kansas Legislature has imposed restrictions on how municipalities can increase their respective mill levies, which are part of the life blood for street improvements.

Q. As an office holder, how would you try to mobilize efforts to address the important issue you identified above? If you have a sense of specific steps you might take, please share those.

A. We have two choices. Reform the tax lid legislation which is not very likely in the near future, or put a mill levy increase to a vote of the OP citizens.


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